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Female Chef

Veronica Bell




Veronica Bell

Food Stylist

I have been a professional food stylist for over twenty-five years and have styled food for hundreds of local and national food brands, as well as prepared and presented thousands of recipes for magazine and cookbook photo shoots. I also make food look pretty and tasty for TV commercials, advertisements, food packaging, and cooking shows. Making food look beautiful and delicious for the camera is what I love doing.

My career began a few years after I completed college. I received a degree in visual communications and went to work as a graphic designer. I soon found that I did not love sitting at a computer all day, and that I really wanted a career that was more active. I decided to change my direction and go into the photography field, where I already had some knowledge, experience and a high level of interest.

I entered a technical college to learn lighting better, and I began my entrepreneurial life as photography assistant.


I learned a lot in three years on photo shoots, and that is where I first saw a food stylist working. It was that day that I knew I had found my new love, food styling, since it combined my love of photography and passion for cooking. Because I knew I didn’t want to work in a restaurant, I had never considered a career in food. I didn’t know there were other jobs in the food industry so when I discovered food styling, I was thrilled! Cooking, eating and entertaining have always been creative and relaxing outlets for me, and now I could make it my business.

I am always up for a challenge and have lead teams of stylists and assistants on large scale projects including both food styling and prop styling. My team has the knowledge and skill to make your food look beautiful!

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