The key to investment success is having access to the most accurate information, including key metrics that speak to a company’s actual performance. M Science delivers unmatched, objective, actionable insights that help drive smart investment decisions.


Since our first launch in 2002, as Majestic Research, we have revolutionized the investment research business with innovative, proprietary methods and tools for accessing real-time data. We seek exclusive relationships with industry data providers and use proprietary technology to parse billions of data points every month and generate fresh insights and superior analysis.


We don’t issue buy-sell-hold recommendations. Our sole mission is to give you market insight to stay ahead of the street, make smarter decisions, and improve your performance.




We believe real insight comes from mining massive amounts of real-time data—information that goes beyond company guidance, beyond consensus, beyond the scope of traditional investment research.  Utilizing such methodologies and expertise, we identify anomalies and catch inflection points ahead of the Market. 


M Science analysts conduct research on 200+ companies across 20+ industries to deliver the intelligence you need to make alpha-generating decisions, as well as insightful economic notes based on the analysis of millions of data points.





Data Driven Intelligence

Our skilled analysts use our unique data sources and proven methodologies to produce data driven intelligence on companies under our coverage and other market niches of interest.


Custom Research

For deeper dives into our data, we offer bespoke workups on companies within and outside the scope of our regular published research reports.


Proprietary Data

We mine the digital footprints left behind by billions of transactions that occur every day throughout the world. These data points can help power investment models and drive informed decisions regarding investment strategy.


Corporate Analytics

Clients including corporations, private equity and venture capital funds can utilize M Science’s data and analytics to uncover investment opportunities, analyze existing businesses and spot upcoming market trends.